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Online manual for the Del Mp3 Karaoke software version 5.

I am currently rewriting the manual of the 5th version for the Del Mp3 Karaoke software.
I will be adding the updated sections as soon as they are completed.

Meanwhile, you may refer to the manual of the 4th version, which can help you understand some functionalities that are similar to the 5th version.    Manuel DMK Version 4

To view screenshots and information about new features, visit this page:
Screenshot and preview of Del Mp3 Karaoke Version 5 software

To follow the evolution and have more information about the new functionalities, see this page:
Evolution of new DEL MP3 Karaoke version 5.0 Beta

Sections Descriptions
Synchronization How to synchronize the lyrics over music either to create or modify
       karaoke files.
Player The program player
Karaoke player compatible with the .kok, .kar and .cdg formats.
Editor Synchronize your karaoke in a simple way with the SKM editor.
Karaoke The window in which the synchronized lyrics are displayed on the
       screen to be sung.
Effect Console Audio MP3 Change your audio effects.
View and edit the frequency bands (Equalizer).
Functions for voice suppression, echo, loop, …
Change the tone, tempo and speed of your audio files.
Midi Console It is possible to modify the instrument, volume and balance of each
       channel of a Midi file when it’s being played.

View VU meter and notes played for every channel.
Save your changes.
Video Player for your video files (avi and mgp).
ID3 tag editor for MP3 files Allows you to edit the meta-tag information (ID3) inside your Mp3.
Modify or Add the image into ID3 tag.
Keyboard (Piano) Play Midi sounds using the keyboard.
Connect your keyboard or electronic piano to your DMK.
View and listen to different piano chords.
Add your chords with the chord editor.
When a Midi file is being played, the notes are displayed on the
A small keyboard allows the viewing of more piano keys and makes it
       easy to change of the transposition of the big keyboard
Connect your real karaoke piano to your DMK and start your
       shortcuts directly from it
Connect your real piano karaoke to DMK and start your shortcuts
 directly from it.
Play the karaoke and sounds at the same time (for example: start
       a sound effect (applause, laughter, …) during a (real person)
Guitard Chord Editor Allows you to see the different guitar chords tabs so you add
       or edit them.
Piano Chord Editor Allows you to see the different piano chords tabs so you can add
      or edit them.

Listen to the chords.
Lyrics Display the karaoke lyrics.
Save and print the lyrics and chords.
Show karaoke tabs chords Show karaoke tabs chords.
Save and print the karaoke tabs chords.
Video Avi Creator Export the karaoke (mp3 + .cdg,  .kok or mp3) to the AVI file
      Then, the use of software such as « Movie Maker » makes it possible
      to create a personalized karaoke DVD
Recorder The record sound lets you record your performance.
Midi Infos View information on Midi files structure.
Convert Midi files type 0 to type 1.
Remove unwanted tracks.
Background Manager Configure how the background images should be displayed in
       your karaoke show.
Configuration Karaoke Configure your display options.
DMK Control Pannel DMK general configuration.
Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts for the different DMK program windows.



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