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Online manual of Del Mp3 Karaoke software

Welcome to the heart of this website. The manual infos are updated, if necessary, at about the same time a new build version or beta of the DEL MP3 Karaoke software is released. You must consult this section if you want to understand the functionalities of the DMK software.  Some sections just illustrates (with picture) the buttons functions, while another explains in details the 'how to' synchronize lyrics and music ( see the synch section).

I am currently on rewriting the manual for version 5 of Del MP3 Karaoke. 
I will put the sections updated as soon completed...

Manual of Del Mp3 Karaoke version 4.x

sections descriptions
Index Manual home (this page).
Player The program player.
Editor A program window for synchronizing lyrics over music.
Configuration Windows for configuring the software.
Midi Mixer Control individually the midi channels
Recorder Record your voice over your favorites and more.
Karaoke Window in witch the lyrics are displayed in synch to be sang.
Background Manager Configuration witch and in what way background images should display in your karaoke show!
Synchronization This part is for learning how to synchronize the lyrics over music to make or modify karaoke files.
Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboard Shortcuts for the different DMK program windows



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