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DMK 5.0 version

Here some novelty for this new version

• Ability to specify musical chords above lyrics
• Display tab guitard or piano above the lyrics
• Chord tab Editor guitar and piano
• Panel allows to export its Karaoke (mp3 + cdg and mp3 + kok) to AVI file.
• I added a keyboard (piano) midi with inteface to connect a real midi keyboard
• Start any karaoke, sound or other files from your keyboard (piano)
• New advance management of Play List
• Powerful Search Function
• Reading video files (avi and mpg)
• ID3 Tag Editor with image management
• Console of MP3 audio effect
• Console Midi file
• Ability to open more than one window to display the lyrics.
• ...

To view
screenshots and information about new features, visit this page:
Screenshot and preview of Del Mp3 Karaoke Version 5 software

To follow the evolution and have more information about the new functions, see this page:
Evolution of new DEL MP3 Karaoke version 5.0

Last update: 23/08/2017

Download DMK version

Install version:

Unzip and run DelMp3Kok_V5-Install.exe to install DMK
Then run shortcut on desktop

Portable version:

This version does not have install, you just have to unzip and run DelMp3Karaoke.exe into the uncompressed directory

You do not to uninstall old version to run this version.

If you have purchased a license for version 4 of DMK, send me your registration keys and I'll send you a new key for this version for FREE.



Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0

How to identify the versions of. NET Framework installed on a computer?

The easiest way to identify the versions. NET Framework that are installed on a computer is to open the file: %systemroot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework

To access to Framework file, you can copy this address below in the Windows Explorer address bar.

You must have at least the 2.0 (v2.0.50727) version as a subdirectory to use this program.

If you don't, you can download the FREE update on the Microsoft site.




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