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Karaoke software - Del Mp3 Karaoke

Sing on your favorites.

You've just found the best karaoke player/editor, for pc, in shareware, available on the web. Yes our software lets you sing the lyrics showing up on your computer screen.

Customizable, simple and easy to use, our software combines, reading files who will display the lyrics and music in synch and creating or modifying files necessary to this synchronization. It's the way our software synchronize the song lyrics with the music, easily and precisely, making our software really accessible.

We take the lead, enableling you to create your own karaoke. The editor in our software, synchronize the lyrics to the music. Easily cut your lyrics in syllables; then listening to the music, you'll synchronize it all by capturing time where each syllables should be displayed.
The synchronization technique is simple and universal. All formats of music files that are supported by the Window Media Player are DEL MP3 Karaoke compatible.
See how to make your own karaoke.

For almost 15 years now, DMK has offered you, reliable, versatile, fun and easy to use karaoke software.

DEL MP3 Karaoke uses a timer to synchronize the lyrics. That means that the synchro you generate is the product of what you hear and feel, not from hard to control musical event on a track used as the base for synchronization.

You'll find on this website, up to date informations about our karaoke player and editor. Sections like an easy to consult online manual, our best links, searchable database and ways for you to reach us through email will enhance your visit.

This great karaoke player and editing software made for windows by Rick. Most of the technical discutions are from Rick, the software designer.

DMK offered the ability to playback your CD+G's on your computer using DMK.

DEL MP3 Karaoke the software, to reach the karaoke lover in you. 



This website's goal is not to provide song files, but to make available a working karaoke software. If you're looking for song files, our links section will help you find websites offering them.

As a general rule, if you download a song file and decide to keep it, you should buy the CD or in some way, pay the author a royalty fee.

This website was made solely for your enjoyment.


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Sing along on your favorites with our karaoke software. DEL MP3 Karaoke © the software, to reach the karaoke lover in you.